Friday, December 29, 2006

The Monkey King

There was once a king, a monkey king in fact, he has his kingdom in the deep deep forest and he was crowned king because of his size, kindness and being the wisest monkey in the forest. One sunny day, the monkey king was strolling by the riverside and he noticed a few huge mango trees. The king ordered the little follower monkeys to remove every single mango from the tree and said that, it would lead to disaster if it is not removed. The monkeys did remove all the mango as told and wondering what’s in the king’s mind. All mangos are removed except 1 which the monkeys failed to notice.

This mango grew big and the ripen and was ready to eat, one day the mango being too ripe, fell off the tree and washed away down stream as the river flows. It had flowed so far, until it reaches the front of the kingdom where the human king happens to pass through and notice it. The human king noticed that the delicious taste of the mango is seductive enough to crave for more.

On the next day, the human king together with all his troops and body guards, went all the way upstream in search for these delicious mango. The king then trespassed the monkey king’s kingdom and being the selfish him, he asked his troops to kill the monkeys in order not to share the mango with anyone.

Thousands monkeys killed and chased away to the edge of the forest, where there has a deep cliff that the monkeys need to pass in order to reach the other side. The monkey king noted that it is impossible for his little monkey to cross the cliff except for him of course due to his size.
By using his huge body, he used it to form a bridge for the little monkeys to cross over and thousands of monkeys stepped on him in order to crossover the cliff. One monkey who wanted to be on the throne of the king, saw this opportunity to step up the throne, as the monkey is crossing and stepping over the monkey king's body, he took a spear and pierced it through the monkey king's heart. The pain created was totally unbearable, just imagine the pain it cost, the monkey king screamed and screamed in pain but he had to endure all the pain until every single of all his subjects were on the safe side of the cliff before he collapsed.

The human king being shocked by witnessed the whole process of how the king sacrifice himself to help his subjects. He felt so touched and he ordered his troops to save the monkey king. When the Monkey King later recovered, the human king was so touched, from that day onwards he decided from to be a good and ordered the monkeys across the cliff to be protected from harm from that day onwards.

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